Kids Training


A Child is like the Beginning…… of all things…… Wonder, Hope and a Dream of Possibilities…

Montessori Education…! is a system of procedure where both the philosophy of child growth and a rationale for guiding such growth processed together. It is based on the child’s developmental needs for freedom within limits on a specially prepared environment. This process implements full exposure to intelligence and develop constantly the physical, mental and psychological abilities amongst the children and grows constantly the power of self confidence, self motivation and inner capabilities.


Each and every people starts his first phase of learning through a pre primary level. Where he learns understands and adopts the basic knowledge, task and duty of life.

Montessori school is the first place to help and teach all above with care and make kids to grow to adolescence with their imaginations.

A good Montessori unit constantly helps to develop the mental structure and manifestation of the imaginative instinct of children through the scientifically proved play & learn process, invented by Dr. Maria Montessori.

It is also proven that indulging in a Good Montessori Unit help kids to maintain mental balance, develop healthy mental structure and feel divine contentment.

The basis of Montessori philosophy is the premise that education is one of the fundamental building blocks of social structure. Building a full and wholesome world for children not only fulfils an urgent social need, but is also a developmental imperative. The primary goal of education is to enable children to grow up to be citizens for tomorrow’s world. Recognising that children should grow up in a family environment and that they should be raised in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding, Montessori education integrates the following ideals into its practice:


  • Every child has the inherent right to life.
  • Every child, irrespective of background and ability, should enjoy a full and decent life.
  • Every child should be nurtured in an environment which ensures dignity, promotes self-reliance and encourages an active participation in the family and the community.
  • Every child has a right to a standard of living adequate for physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.


Daffodil Buds Montessori…The Institute was formed in 1995 with a view to assisting in the delicate process of the formation of human personality and in tapping a child’s immense and true potential. We aim to achieve this by offering a dynamic learning environment designed to meet the needs of various age groups. Walls that divide adults and children melt as the teacher and the taught are redefined. All members of the community work together as they pursue their own development in a nurturing environment. In doing so, they work towards the larger vision of seeking social solutions as they develop into strong, responsible and well-balanced citizens.

“The child is endowed with unknown powers, which can guide us to a radiant future. If what we really want is a new world, then education must take as its aim the development of these hidden possibilities. Thus, the whole concept of education changes. It is no longer an enforced task of verbal instruction and intellectual retention of ideas. It becomes a matter of helping the child the psychological development of man, the mind in its processes of development, to aid its energies and strengthen its many powers.” Dr. Maria Montessori

Our Prime MOTTO is providing and spreading World Class Standard of Pre-School-Montessori-Education in a child-centered environment to learn and play in a cooperative atmosphere along with soul development of culture, health consciousness & discipline among the upcoming generation. We are keen to develop & spread education to every angle of our society. We further hope and believe to achieve full support from all our respected personalities of the society.


Our Specially Designed World Class Study Materials, assistance and guidance accompanied with modern scientific AUDIO-VISUAL-COMPUTER aids help our disciple to achieve:


REFER OUR 10 Year’s ACHIEVEMENT REPORT… Available at School Office…

Directly Admitted from Daffodil Buds :

Calcutta Boys School, Calcutta Girls School, St. Xavier’s, Don Bosco(Park circus), St.-James, Nava-Nalanda, La’Martinere, Patho-Bhawan, Loretto-HOUSE(Park St),Frank-Anthony, Pratt-Memorial, South-Point, Modern High, Mahadevi-Birla, Ashok-Hall, Queen of The Mission, St.-Pauls (Darjeeling) & many more …

School’s Speciality

We introduce the scientific method invented by Dr. Maria Montessori The child is free to move about the classroom at will, to talk to other children, to work with any equipment he or she understands, or to ask the teacher to introduce new material to him or her. The child is not free to disturb other children at work or to abuse the equipment that is so important to the child’s development along with to help and increase your child’s practical skills and daily day to day activities, along with the progress to learn the complication of English Language with phonetic pronunciation. We also introduce gradually Reading skill, Writing skill, Number Work skill, Communication skill, Sensorial Activities, Pouring-sorting, social habits and much more to explore. Learning Process is accompanied by, Modern & Scientifically obtained Audio – Visual & Computer aids.

“They do not understand Us…, they can not defend themselves from Us…, and they accept whatever we tell them. They not only accept abuse…, but feel guilty whenever We blame Them…” Dr. Maria Montessori.

The Key Features Of Montessori Education System

FOLLOWED in… Daffodil Buds Montessori … are described below…

“When we think about mixed ages, we must make sure… we are not starving children Intellectually or Physically… We should not have a super market, but Just What is Essential…” Dr. Maria Montessori

Multi-aged Grouping based on Periods of Development

Learning Understanding and Observing:The Human Tendencies, Adolescence, Erdkinder, The Diffect of Weak/Strong Children, The Process of Normalization, SILENCE _ INDEPENDENCE _ FREEDOM, THE LESSON IN SILENCE, Characteristics of Child Developments,

The Process of Learning: Assistance to Infancy, Practical Life, Sensorial. Language, Recite, Sing, Write the Date, Edit a Sentence, Cultural Extensions, Mathematics, Indirect Preparation.

The Art of Freedom: Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Choice, Freedom to Repeat, Freedom of Expression, Freedom for Social Life, Scope to Work, Observation Work Centers. Attachment and Seperation, Toilet Learning, A Place of Everything and Everything in its Place, Dressing-Undressing, Expressing Emotions, Pouring, Transferring, Washing-Cleaning, Polishing, Manipulative, Wood-Sewing-Weaving Work, ……!

Teaching Method & Ratio:We follow “Teach by teaching, not by correcting” Ratio: 1:1 and 3:30+ Basic Lessons with Areas of Study Linked.

The Schedule The 3-Hour Work Period:*The First Period: Naming **The Second Period : Association/Recognition ***The Third Period: Recall

Assessment of each students as per:Requirements for Age 1-3 Requirements for Age 3-6 Requirements for Ages 6-18 Learning Styles Learning the Alphabet and Character Education.

Our Montessori Techniques:Eye Contact, Proximity, Distraction, Clear Direction, Patient Waiting, Repetition, Cooperative Touching, Reflective Language, Questioning, Imagination-Pre visioning.

Children are to be respected as different from adults and as individuals who differ from each other.

Children possess unusual sensitivity and mental powers for absorbing and learning from their environment that are unlike those of adults, both in quantity and capacity.

The most important years of growth are the First Six Years(from birth) of life, when unconscious learning is gradually brought to conscious level. Children have a deep love and need for purposeful work. The child works, however, not as an adult for profit and completion of a job, but for the sake of the activity itself. It is this activity which accomplishes the most important goal for the child, the development of his or her mental, physical and psychological powers.

The child is free to move about the classroom at will, to talk to other children, to work with any equipment he or she understands, or to ask the teacher to introduce new material to him or her. The child is not free to disturb other children at work or to abuse the equipment that is so important to the child’s development.

“A new Education from birth onwards Must be Builed-Up… Education Must be reconstructed and based on the Laws of Nature and not on the preconceived notions & prejudices of adult society…” Dr. Maria Montessori

A short and brief description regarding all the actions and activities of the children from beginning to end of any activity carried out in the classroom of Daffodil Buds Montessori

“We must HELP the child to Act for Himself, Will for Himself, Think for Himself; This is the art of those who aspire to Serve The Spirit…” Dr. Maria Montessori

First-Step: The teacher invites the child to work with the material

Second-Step: She takes the child to the shelf, shows him the material and names it eg. “This is the Pink Tower”

Third-Step: She then invites the child to choose a place to work – shows him how to hold the material and carry the material to the chosen place, e.g. a table.

Fourth-Step: The teacher sits next to the child, wherever the child has the fullest view, taking into consideration theteacher herself and the child being right or left-handed.

Fifth-Step: She places the material in front of the child and demonstrates the exercise.

Sixth-Step: She then invites the child to carry out the activity.

Seventh-Step: Having completed the activity, the teacher asks the child if he would like to repeat the exercise. If not, she explains to the child that he can take the material from the shelf at any time he likes and may work with it on his own. The teacher shows the child how to put the material back and explains that it is always kept in the same place and should be put back for someone else to use.

“Montessori Education is BEST & DIFFERENT than the traditional Pre-School Education…”  Dr. Maria Montessori

There are few Excellent Reasons… “Why Daffodilbuds Montessori is BEST for The Children… 

  • Flexible curriculum
  • Allows the child t o learn at his own pace
  • Child free to discover on his own
  • Scientific method of teaching
  • Reality orientated
  • Specific places for materials – sense of order
  • Child chooses activities according to inner needs
  • Child-centered learning environment
  • Self-education through self-correcting materials
  • Recognition of sensitive periods in each child
  • Multi-sensory materials to develop specific skills
  • Liberty to move about self and furniture
  • Liberty to speak (without disturbing others) as he pleases
  • Focus on developing the child’s wholesome
  • Views the whole child’s development
  • Child is an active participant in learning.
  • Child can move freely and explore the classroom environment to encourage internal discipline.
  • Teacher is a facilitator and guide.
  • Individual and group learning that adapts to student’s learning styles and developmental levels.
  • 3 year span of mixed age groups that allows teachers, students and parents to develop collaborative relationships.
  • Courtesy and conflict resolution are integral parts of the curriculum.
  • Values concentration and uninterrupted time for focused work cycle to develop.
  • Child’s learning pace is determined by him or her.
  • Child allowed to see their own errors through feedback from the materials; errors are viewed as part of the learning process.
  • Learning reinforced internally through the child’s reinforcement of repeating lessons.
  • Care of self and environment are emphasized
  • Child can work where he/ she is comfortable, alone or in a group.
  • Multi-disciplinary, interwoven curriculum.
  • Child learns to share leadership.
  • Progress is reported through multiple formats:  portfolio of student’s work, progress reports and conferences.
  • Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate and help each other.
  • Child is provided opportunities to choose their own work from interests and abilities.
  • Goal is to foster a love of learning.


“The work of Education is divided… between the Teacher and the Environment…”Dr. Maria Montessori

Professionally trained Experienced Montessorians from various Montessori Houses, Convent-Schools & reputed English medium schools are guiding the students with the modern scientific “Learn with Fun” process to adopt Freedom of movement, Freedom of Choice, Freedom to Repeat, Freedom of Expression, Freedom for Social Life & choice of activities with strong foundation of “Good Habits, Good Thoughts, Good Speak, Good Words, Good Works and Good Deeds.”


“Uniform ensures Uniformity” amongst students… to understand the true logic of DEMOCRACY…..! “Respect Individuals, Feel Everyone is equal, Understand Everyone is friend, and Admire Everyone is same in this Earth created by The God.”

BOYS: Blue half pant with red & white check shirt, Blue bow with black school shoes with less & black socks. Blazer or sweater, design recommended by the school authority with school’s logo and black full pant during winter

GIRLS: Blue mini skirt with red & white check shirt, Blue bow with black school shoes with less & black socks. Blazer or sweater, design recommended by the school authority with school’s logo and black full pant or long skirt during winter.



“Let us always remember that inner discipline is something to come… and not something always present Inside…” Dr. Maria Montessori.

Special attention is ensure a high standard of morality & discipline among students. Guardians are requested to co-operate in this regard with the management, specially regarding regular attendance & punctuality. Students found guilty of any discipline or irregularity…. Parents will be answerable for such situation.


Co-curricular activities are of paramount importance for development personalities, aesthetic sense & leadership in students. Taking part in such activities is essential, important & compulsory for all.


There will be three semi star examinations every year. Promotion will be based on total continuous overall assessment in every subject & all round performance of the students. No provision will be made for supplementary tests for students who remain absent during examination.




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