All the comments, wishes and greetings received from our satisfied students and their parents.

Post your thoughts also using the form at the bottom of this page.

Name : Zeba Rashid

Your comments :

Message from The Proud Parents of our Montessori Teachers Training Candidate Zeba Rashid!

Daffodil Buds Montessori was a search for me which fulfill my desire to put my daughter into it for Montessori teachers Training. Just out of blue moon i was able to get this institution through ad in the News Paper.Yes! No doubt regarding the teaching procedure and methodology of the Institution. The Principal is a very practical person & cooperative, the teachers are well balanced capable enough.
May God Bless this School where candidates are groomed to stand on their feet.

Mr. & Mrs. A Rashid
Principal T.N.H. English Medium School

Name : Sanju

Your comments :

My daughter got chances in Loretto House, Calcutta Girls, Oxelium Convent, Queen of The Mission and Loretto convent… admitted to Loretto Convent!
Thanks Daffodil Buds!

Name : Stela

Your comments :

I was introduced by one of my neighbour and found the school excellent. The better part of the school is they do not take more than 30nos of student though they have provision of more than 50nos… They realy cares a lot! i am satisfied!

Name : Sunita Roy

Your comments :

I have nothing to say as my elder daughter studied here and got chances in Calcutta Girls, Sri Shikshaayata, Mahadevi Birla and Frank Anthony,,, My second Daughter is a problem child but then also she is now capable enough in studies ONLY due to Daffodil Buds! I can not explain in words that How happy I am
Thanks a lot my humble regards to Daffodil Buds Montessori

Name : Rekha Jaiswal

Your comments :

Good School! Good methodology! they really cares a lot for the children. The Special Activity Book they Implement and Introduce to the kids are really helpful and Excellent…. I did not see these type of scientific activity oriented books any where except Daffodil Buds.
The Principal, Teachers are involved constantly in the new research work and implement that to the students to improve their skill.

Name : Kobita Gupta

Your comments :

I am impressed a lot… Previously I admit my children in a School namely Kids Care but got highly dissatisfied amongst their methods… after giving Daffodil Buds they improved a lot in all the aspects! my son got admitted in Radcliff School, I am happy. Thank you Daffodil Buds

Name : Riva Ghosh

Your comments :

Satisfied with everything! Except Studing She improved in lot of other extra curricular activities such as painting, singing, dancing acting etc…The way they teach students its realty marvelous!
The educational tools and the Special Books the introduced to the kids are excellent.
They care and guide students with a Motherly touch.
Thank You Daffodil buds!

Name : Sandhya

Your comments :

The teaching method of the School is realy impressive. I am a teacher of Assembly of God Church School and I found the school Excellent!

Name : Renuka

Your comments :

After joining Daffodil Buds Renuka Improved a lot in Speaking, Writing and other extra curricular activities.
I am happy and recomend the school to all. She got chances in Loreto House, Calcutta Girls, Oxelium Convent…
Thank You Daffodil Buds!

Name : Raima

Your comments :

Daffodil Buds helped a lot to improve my daughter’s attitude, social behaviour, extra curricular activities general knowledge etc. One thing I must say that though they have provision to take more students but they do not take more than 30nos and they realy work hard for them.

Name : Niharika

Your comments :

Thnaks to Daffodil Buds….! I am very much satisfied about the school’s procedure. All the apparatus they are haveing in the school and they take initiative to make ready for the traditional school
I tried for only one School named Frank Anthony and He got the admission! Once again thanks all the teachers and the authority of Daffodil Buds

Name : Hrisikhes

Your comments :

I know this school since couple of years… my daughter studied here and got admission in Mahadevi Birla, Calcutta Girls & Holly Child…! My son improved a lot in last few months and got chance in Patho Bhawan School. I am happy and always recomend this school to all.

Name : Doris

Your comments :

I found the School’s procedure excellent and remarkable! My daughter improved a lot.
Thanks to Daffodil Buds

Name : Anjali

Your comments :

I am very satisfied with this school, students, activities with Montessori apparatus and all other extra curricular activities are the best than any other Montessori school.
I given my first daughter to another Local School Kids Care… but they were unable to take proper care but here in Daffodil Buds for my second daughter…….. I am realy happy


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