About Painting Classes


Children Drawing and Painting Class
Clay Modelling
Fabrick Painting
Glass Painting & Glass Itching Work
Doll Making
Wood Cut
Lino Cut
Designing painting
Oil Painting
Collage Study
Paper Folding-Cutting
Craft Work
Textile Activity Work: Batik, Bandhni, Block print etc…
Textile Designing Class for Seniors(more than 15years old)

Faculty: Ms. Romi Banerjee

M-Fine Govt. Art College, Textile Designer.
Fellow: National Institute of Design (NID)
Painting Teacher Lamartinere Boys School Calcutta
Ex Painting Teacher Delhi Public School Hyderabad
Ex Lecturer J D Birla Institute of Home Science.
Ms. Banerjee Started her career in 1986 as a student of Fine Arts at Govt Art College Calcutta. In the year 1990 she completed her college with the prestigious degree mentioned above.
Her emminenet performance spreaded through out the country and she traveled a lot with her enormous working skill in various parts of India with Art-Exhibitions and awarded through several Govt and Non Govt organization. We are describing a brief and short history regarding her marvellous career view below:


  • Annual Exhibition Govt college of Art & Craft Kolkata 1986-88
  • Academy of Fine Arts 1989
  • Sisir Mancha Kolkata 1990
  • NID Ahmedabad 1993
  • State Gallery of Fine-Arts Hyderabad 2007
  • Travancore Art Gallery New Delhi 2008
  • ICCR Art Gallery Kolkata 2009
  • ‘Colours of Life’ Cancer Patients Aid Association Mumbai and New Delhi 2009
  • Gorky Sadan kolkata 2009


  • Award for Batik Work from Govt college of Art & Craft Kolkata 1987
  • Award for Block Printing Design from Govt college of Art & Craft Kolkata 1988
  • FIRST PRIZE in Camlin All India Art Teachers Exhibition 2005
  • Nehru Cultural Award for BEST TEACHER Hyderabad 2006

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